Sound is vibration transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing and of a level sufficiently strong to be heard, or the sensation stimulated in organs of hearing by such vibrations. As a signal perceived by one of the major senses, sound is used by many species for detecting danger, navigation, predation, communication and even entertainment. Sound produced by electronic instruments: the art of electronic music.

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This website is dedicated to the art of electronic music. To the art of electronic music in general, and within this universe it is especially occupied with the music produced by The Palatin Project. As a friend, guest and visitor I hope you will have a nice time here.

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If you feel stranded, out of place, alien or if you are a little startled about the who-you-are ... click this to get a brief orientation. To explore these pages, just click the menue items in the menuline above. Do not miss to browse the Lost-pages, those deal with strange and interesting stuff. Feel free to drop a line in the guestbook.

Any hint, comment or suggestion to improve the site is welcome. Now enjoy surfing between sound and structure, between rhythm and tune. Enjoy detecting ... listening ... hearing.

A great deal of my musical efforts is driven by the urge to integrate spoken word into the realm of sound, noise, ambience and music. Electronic Music of course.

I am fascinated by the sheer sound of spoken languages, the different intonations, the flow and the secret melodylines these spoken words follow.

So I try to integrate spoken word in as many languages as possible into my music.

If you are interested to become part of this project, just drop me a line in my contact-page, and I will tell you how you can easily join this global project ... don´t be shy! . If you speak Sindarin, you will be welcome as well.

You can read some more details about this somehow deviant project if you click -> this.

One other important concurrent undertaking of The Palatin Project is dedicated to Robert Graves, one of the gods of poetry. Some day there will be a new music album released: Electron. Each and every track on this album will be featuring a poem out of his incredible voluminous works. On the music-pages you can already listen to some of these tracks: Friday Night and Always.

To further this intention, I am seeking for native british speakers - regardless of gender - to declaim poetry by Robert Graves, to record it and make it available for further processing and integration into a musical context.

To learn more details about that ongoing project see the stuff-pages as shown in the menu above and do not hesitate to write a short note in the contact-page. It will be my pleasure to answer all of your questions regarding this topic.

The photo above was taken by Rab Shiell and laid on the official Robert Graves Website.


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